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Hello, and welcome to the MLP Drawing School! We provide resources and critique for pony artists of all levels. We do have a few rules, listed in the sidebar and there are a couple of guides that everypony should look at.

  1. DON'T PANIC! This links to all the guides from shading to composition and goes over some ways to think about art.
  2. Lesson 1 sketching techniques. This goes over how to approach ponies artistically and the general sketching process. Dispatchrabbi has also made this guide on measuring and comparing. Great for proportions and anatomy and not having to resolve the same problem for the umpteenth time.

General sub etiquette.

  • Read the guidelines in the sidebar. Also, if you're curious as to what tags mean click here.
  • How to critique is here for artists and critics alike.
  • Don't spam the sub. More than one submission per day is generally frowned upon. If you've updated a piece that you submitted earlier that is great, reply to your critics and ask them questions. If you have multiple pieces or are having a drawing day, wait till they're all done and make them an imgur album. Imgur is RES friendly and a lot of people respond well to that.
    I really don't want to remove genuine submissions, so please stick to this.
  • Redundancy happens. Your critics will link to the same guide a dozen times. That's because there's always more to take and a new way to approach your art. Listen to your critics and trust them. They may not always know why, but "what" is generally true.
  • Respond to your critics. Critique is a conversation. Nothing is sadder than a piece with two or three critiques and perhaps a lone comment by the submitter. We expect you to have questions, a mind and a personality! This is mlp, not too srs business. Say thank you, yes sir, huh, whatever comes to mind. Respond.
  • The bi-weekly challenges are always open. They are here for you to improve, make use of them. Create a piece, make a new post and we'll critique! And we could always use more emotes.
  • Please give back to the community. If you get critiques, give critiques. It can be as simple as stating the obvious anatomical errors or as complex as an in depth analysis. Link to a guide that helped you, talk with the peoples. We're all human and this is about My Little Pony, getting better at art and and flooding the world with pony art. Play.
So this is the infinityth guide I've made... oh, first stop?
Probably should've made this first... sorry.
Critics, link to guides! They go in depth so you don't have to every time.
Anything else that should be in here or that I've forgotten/left out?

Spread awareness. Tell others that they can link to guides. Give out tips, not orders. Spread the culture of the sub. Knowledge isn't magic. Communicate!